Q: Why do sailors need to have courtesy flags?

A: Courtesy flags are an ideal and inexpensive solution to comply with the regulations requiring visiting vessels to fly courtesy ensigns. They allow you to avoid relatively large fines or unexpected situations with coast guard or naval police. If you hoist the proper courtesy flag, that will be regarded as a positive sign by custom house and coast guard. Thus, you will be most likely welcomed to the country and have much less incomer issues.


Q: How much does the delivery cost?

A: Delivery price does not depend on the quantity of the flags you order. It always equals to € 11,99. Consequently, you save quite a few by selecting collections and not paying twice for the shipping.


Q: Does Laivaa deliver flags worldwide?

A: Yes, we really do. 😎


Q: What is the delivery time?

A: Delivery time depends on the region. On average, we deliver within 2 weeks. If you want to shorten this time, we can carry out accelerated delivery; however, its price differs from the one indicated above.


Q: How much do I save when ordering flag collections?

A: You can save up to 57%. In most cases, customers save between 30 and 40%. (◕‿◕)


Q: How are the collections organized?

A: Laivaa collections include flags of the countries of the same region. We also have the International maritime signal flags collection which is indispensable for every sailor.


Q: Where to find discount codes?

A: Discount codes are not very frequent because our product prices are close to production costs. However, we sometimes publish them on our Facebook page. You may find them on https://www.facebook.com/laivaacom/.